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Crash course in dog food trickery……..

What our dogs eat is a HUGE topic that is often the source of not just knowledge for newbies, but also debate amongst enthusiasts and experts alike.  Im not going to get into the heavy of canine nutrition now, but I am going to take a quick moment to hip you to some...

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A bit about bones……5 NEED TO KNOW TIPS

   For starters, I hope everybody had a marvelous Thanksgiving.  My taste buds were overloaded with the wonders of home cooking and my belly is now preparing for the war waged every holiday season against the waistline of my pants.   This year is already off to a...

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Why you should be playing with poop…….

I can only imagine how it must have looked. There I was, hovering intently, my full concentration directed at the steaming pile of excrement that was so strategically placed in a specific location for reasons that only he was aware of.  I know it was strategic because...

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