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I talk to folks daily, in person and online,  about their concerns and questions relating to life with their dogs.  There are some common elements to the majority of issues that people face.  Many of their questions relate to bad behavior.   Nobody wants to have to constantly deal with the same issue on a daily basis.

The Problem – Bad Behavior

Jumping, barking, whining in the crate, nipping, rough play, and begging for food are all behaviors that many pet dog owners are plagued with.

You have tried everything you can think of.  The rolled up newspaper didn’t work nor did the spray bottle.  After all of your efforts  you still have a dog that does the bad behavior with the added issue of them being terrified of newspapers and spraybottles!

In many consultations I have provided to address doggie bad behavior, it became immediately clear that the owner themselves was directly reinforcing the bad behavior they wanted to stop!  This is why I am constantly directing folks to my article on operant conditioning (click HERE to read it). Understanding behavior and how to influence and control it the key.

The Solution

The good news is that there is ONE thing you can do that will have a dramatic effect on ANY bad behavior your dog exhibits.

Just one thing.  That’s it.

You understand what positive reinforcement means, it is the addition of a consequence that will increase the frequency of the behavior in question.  Before you worry about discipline or giving “corrections”, how about you simply stop positively reinforcing the behavior?

Take some time to watch the video.  Then reflect on the message.  Determine what things will reinforce your dog’s jumping, or nipping, or barking.  From that point all you have to do is stop reinforcing the behavior!

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