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Finally the instruction book that should have come with your dog or puppy is here, and it’s FREE!.  So many things in our daily lives come with instructions.  Unfortunately, puppies and dog’s don’t.

This is not the end-all-be all for dog ownership.

It is short and sweet, intended to get you some fundamental information on how a dog thinks, behaves, and how you can work with that.

How can you get your free copy?

Click the big red button below and follow the directions in the form and you’re good to go!

Keep in mind most email accounts work overtime to reduce the amount of spam and junk mail you get in your inbox.  You will have to search your junk/spam/promotional folders if you don’t see the notification in your main inbox.


KD’s eBook has already started helping me with my Franklin, as has his blog. In (literally) one day, he’s already listening to me almost every time and seems way less stressed out. If you haven’t at least looked at his website, I’d highly suggest it!

Kristen Glover

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