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It’s time.

If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

There is always room for improvement and change for the better, and your time to be better is NOW.

With the magic of the internet I can now work with any dog owner anywhere in the world!

I have put together several courses that you can take, 1 on 1 with me, or even as part of a group to save money,  all online!   Not only will I will instruct you  on how to train your dog and improve your relationship, but I also offer opporunities for you to send me video of your work at home with your dog and we can review your progress together.




Not sure where to start?

The first step is reading my FAQ.  There you will be able to see some of the most common questions along with some straight to the point answers.  After that, check out the E-Course descriptions below.


KD revolutionized my way of thinking when it came to training dogs. His no-nonsense approach was refreshing and necessary. Through him, I was able to realize (much to my surprise) that it was ME that needed to be trained, not my dogs. Once I was able to understand what my dogs’ needs actually were and NOT what I wanted them to be, we were able to reach a whole new exciting level of training. My dogs are well balanced and extremely well behaved, and I am able to have the relationship I always wanted with them. I cannot recommend KD enough- there is no one out there like him!

Natalia Arroyo

Prepared Puppy Course

Getting a new puppy soon?  Do you have a new puppy home already and need some help? Not sure where to start with all the jumping, nipping, biting, and housebreaking issues? This is the essential “quick start” guide that will teach you everything you need to know to get off to the right start with your new puppy.


Fundamentals Of Dog Ownership Package


This is the ultimate education program for a dog owner who simply wants the best for their dog.  Learn all the fundamentals of dog ownership as they fit into the 3 main principles, Management, Relationship, and Training.  Designed to teach you what it takes to have an amazing relationship with your dog so you can enjoy every moment of your time together either at home, or off exploring the outside world together


Single Consultations

Some things don’t need extended programs to address.  This is the ideal way to get a detailed answer and understanding of an issue you are experiencing or problem that you can’t seem to figure out.  This is also a great chance for you to experience virtual coaching for the first time as I do offer consultations online and include video review as well!



You want to be the most educated dog owner possible right?


Knowledge comes before results, and the results in this case are a happy and fulfilled dog.


Why wait?






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