Caring for your dog, not your ego.

Everything you need to know to develop the best relationship with your dog.


Why hire somebody to build a bond with your dog, get the dog to listen to and obey THEM, only to leave you and your dog to fall back into the same issues?

Instead what you need is to learn how to train your own dog.  This is why you hire somebody who not only knows about dogs and dog behavior, but somebody who is experienced at teaching and training you to be able to be successful on your own.

I have put together several courses that you can take, 1 on 1 with me,  virtually using the wonderful technology available to us all, where I will instruct you not just on how to train your dog, but how to build the best possible bond and relationship with them based on trust and clear communication.  All courses have two elements to them.  First is the instructional side where you will learn the information and knowledge required.  When it comes time to apply that knowledge I will coach you through the process.

You are going to be the dog trainer, I’m just going to be your teacher and your coach.


Not sure where to start?

The first step is reading my FAQ.  There you will be able to see some of the most common questions along with some straight to the point answers.  After that, check out the E-Course descriptions below.

Next is to head over to my CONTACT page and let me know that you’re ready for a FREE 15 minute consultation where we will get into the details on how we can get you started on a new and exciting journey with your dog.


….After a few short sessions he had me feeling like a dog trainer honing my craft….

Josh Stern

Prepared Puppy Course

The essential “quick start guide” to getting a new puppy.  If you are planning on bringing a puppy home this is the first step to ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible.  With the first week in your home being the most important week in your puppies new life, this orientation course will prepare you all for the best relationship possible!

Be sure to read the FAQ FIRST!

Custom Coaching Pack


 After your free 15 minute evaluation we can put together a training program to meet your individual needs.    Pick up a pack of sessions and lets get training!

Be sure to read the FAQ FIRST!

If you’re indecisive about your ability to follow specific directions, find yourself always making excuses, can’t commit to weekly sessions, or don’t want to spend time daily working with your dog and building your relationship, then NONE of these programs are for you and you shouldn’t spend a PENNY on anything on this page.  

I work with people who are dedicated to being the best humans they can be for their dogs.  If it is an issue of money, I have plenty of free information on the blog, my free E-Book as well as my Youtube channel to get you started.

If working daily towards improving your relationship with you canine partner isn’t something you see yourself doing, and you simply want a “quick fix” to make things easier, then not only am I not the right trainer for you, but a dog isn’t the right pet for you either.  Get a goldfish.

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