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An Amazing Relationship

In order to have the most fulfilling relationship with your dog, you must understand what they need, not just what you want to give them.  Once you learn more about your dog the door to a relationship you never imagined possible is opened forever.

Attention & Control

This is what allows you to take your dog anywhere and keep their focus on the most important part of their life….YOU 

Learn how to help your dog become the dog that everybody asks about where you had them trained.  Only this time, you can tell them you did it yourself!

To Save Your Money

You can spend THOUSANDS to send your dog off to a trainer who will MAYBE get your dog introduced to some training and will definitely NOT teach YOU anything about your dog or how to continue on with the “training”.  Instead you could be learning so much more about your dog, how to train them, and spend that money on enjoying amazing places and adventures with your furry best friend.

To End Problem Behavior

Nipping, jumping, counter surfing, and annoying barking are just a few of the problems so many dog owners deal with.  Learn WHY they happen and how you can teach your dog to be far more fun and easier to be around.  That means an improved relationship and being able to go anywhere with them!

Working with KD has given me an incredible amount of understanding when it comes to my dog and his behaviors. KD is a natural teacher with a unique style of teaching. When he says “caring for your dog, not your ego” he means it. He will tell you what you need to hear and if you follow his direction the changes that follow are phenomenal. I’m left feeling motivated, positive and refreshed after every session Charlie and I have with KD.  Highly recommend him, your money is well spent.

Michelle Powers

The best part is you never have to leave home to get everything you need!  All our work together is done online via live 1 on 1 sessions.  Enjoy direct access to daily support, feedback, instruction, and coaching.  No other “dog training” providers can come close to offering anything remotely this powerful and helpful.

from former students and clients……

Working with KD has been extremely enlightening and fulfilling as I navigate training with my pit bull, Tank. In only a few sessions, KD has helped Tank become a well mannered contributor to my family and society. He is tough on me while we work, but he always takes the time to explain everything in detail and even video my work with Tank so I can see how to improve! He makes himself available at all times, which is so helpful in today’s busy world. I am extremely discriminating when choosing to work with a dog trainer, and there is no one I would recommend more than KD! My rescue Pittie and I owe KD everything!

Lani Preston

Largo, Fl

I was relieved to have such an honest conversation about how to help me train our new addition to the family. KD is clearly awesome with dogs, more importantly he’s also great about breaking down the information so that the every day dog owner can handle their pet properly..”

April Seeney

Renssalaer, NY

“I knew right away KD was a guy i would enjoy not only training dogs with but being around.  HIs ability to TEACH and help me to understand everything we do is amazing.  He will push you to be better not only as a dog owner but as a person.  His classes are absolutely “you get what you put in”.  Full blown honesty good or bad.  When you are wrong, he will let you know.  But when you are right and put in the work the results show and it’s a priceless feeling.  Dog training to me quickly became a lifestyle.  One thing that stood out to me and sold me to work with him as opposed to other trainers/programs was his solid character, just a guy with a good work ethic, flexible scheduling and will push you to achieve your goals with your dog. Something money can’t buy.”

Alan Rothermel

St Petersburg, FL

KD’s training techniques and straightforward approach are awesome! He listens and has an amazing ability to relate to the human so they can become the best dog owner they can be! I am already seeing results from my recent training and look forward to working with KD in the future and continuing to redefine the relationship between me and my dog. Highly recommend!

Marianne Komeski


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