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They offer everything they have to us, but are we offering everything we have to them? As a dog owner you are more than a “buddy” you should be a teacher, a leader, a protector, a parent…..that means more than merely providing food and cuddles….. Treats and belly rubs don’t get you a dog who can

  • Go anywhere with you and FOCUS on YOU
  • Listen and UNDERSTAND everything you say
  • be CALM and relaxed in ANY environment
  • obey ALL your commands ALL the time
KD has extensive knowledge on behavior principles and learning processes. He provides a overall approach to behavior modification and training. I have personally worked with a dog raised and trained by KD and it showed the quality of his training. I highly recommend him! Carlos Ramirez

Owner CRK9, former Kennel Master at the Warrior Dog Foundation and Trikos International


Canine Fundamentals Course


For the first time a dog trainer has built a personal, 1 on 1 course designed to make YOU the best dog trainer possible for your dog.  I have taken everything I have learned in over 25 years of not just working with dogs, but working with dog OWNERS, and combined my experience as a professional educator into this, the Canine Fundamentals Course.  This course is designed with one purpose in mind, educate and empower you to take control of what type of relationship you can have with your dog and unlock the massive potential you most likely do not even know exists.


In this course you will learn:


Who Your Dog Is

Dog’s don’t come with instruction books.  You only have what you have heard from others, what you scavenged from the depths of the misinformation laden internet, or, well your imagination.  Learn more about the nature of your dog than you ever previously knew.  We can’t fully appreciate that which we do not fully understand.

The Science Behind Effective Dog Training

You’re frustrated because you know you need to train your dog but how? You go to the internet and end up even more confused! In this course you will learn ALL the sides of the coin and finally have a strong grasp on the principles of learning and how they are applied in life with your dog.

How To Build The Ideal Relationship

Relationships are of the utmost importance.  Often times many of the issues and challenges people have with their dogs are all rooted in issues with the relationship.  You will have all the knowledge and tools presented to you in this course on how to build the best relationship possible with your dog .

How To Deal With Problem Behaviors

Jumping, barking, digging, nipping, counter surfing, and trash raiding are all super common behaviors that many dog owners struggle with.  Once you learn why they happen, and also the science of behavior, you will finally know how to make these problems a thing of the past!

My Approach

I take my job VERY seriously.  It is my job to teach, to educate, to prepare my students for life with their dog.  That life will be challenging as life is in general.  I am not offering “dog training” services here, far from it.  I am not the contractor coming to repair your cracked wall.  I am not the doctor prescribing a pill to make your body magically be perfect. I am the one who is going to do whatever it takes to teach you how to repair your own house instead of spending your life paying somebody else to do it.  I am the one who is going to teach you how to get your body back in shape and keep it there so you never pay for a dr to keep throwing pills at you. I am the one who is going to instruct and coach you to be able to build the best possible relationship with your dog.  That is not going to be easy, and I will not allow or accept you to fail at something I know you are capable of doing.  There will be times where I tell you what you don’t want to hear, but you need to hear it.  The result will be a feeling unlike any other you could have imagined possible with your dog.  I may be hard, but I’m a highly experienced and successful teach of people of all backgrounds and ages. If you are truly committed to being the best human for your dog, I will commit to you and welcome you to my team.

"KD's training techniques and straightforward approach are awesome! He listens and has an amazing ability to relate to the human so they can become the best dog owner they can be! I am already seeing results from my recent training and look forward to working with KD in the future and continuing to redefine the relationship between me and my dog. Highly recommend!"

Marianne Komeski, NH

"I was relieved to have such an honest conversation about how to help me train our new addition to the family. KD is clearly awesome with dogs, more importantly he's also great about breaking down the information so that the every day dog owner can handle their pet properly."

April Seney, Upstate NY

"Training with KD was nothing like I expected it would be. This guy can train dogs, sure, but what stood out was his ability to train me! I didn’t feel like a pet owner working with a dog trainer. After a few short sessions he had me feeling like a dog trainer honing my craft. Ive been able to help my friends and family now with their dogs. "

Josh Stern, Bronx NY

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