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How Much Do You Love Your Dog?

You obviously love your dog, that’s why you’re on the internet looking for more information on how to be your best for them but the reality is every article, video, website says something different!  You’ve been winging it, piecing together fragments of information from the internet, friends, family, or  experiences you’ve had with other dogs.

That’s way too much work to find yourself still searching…

Something is missing……



A Training Program for YOU…


Finally there is a course that is designed with the dog OWNER in mind.  This unique 1 of a kind program has taken years to develop to ensure the experience is unlike any other in the dog training world.

If the focus of a training product or program is information going from dog trainer to dog, the dog owner gets none of the benefit of all the money they have spent!  This coaching program will address all the information the dog owner needs to build and maintain a happy, healthy, and incredibly fulfilling life for their dog.

It’s time for you to get the help you deserve as a dedicated and devoted dog owner.


 It’s Like College From Your Couch!


This extensive program has helped dog owners literally all over the world.

Based 100% online you can consume all the required course elements on your computer.

You then record your training on your cell phone, send it in for review and in your live coaching sessions get the feedback and professional instruction you need without ever leaving your home!

Love shouldn’t be so hard sometimes

Have you ever felt…

Frustrated and guilty because as much as you love them, you have those moments where you want to pull your hair out from….

  • torn up furniture
  • chewed remote controls
  • emptied trash
  • poop and pee inside
  • non stop barking
  • stubbornness & disobedience
  • leash reactivity

reach your full potential

What this program can do for you…

It’s time to get the education and guidance YOU need to be able to achieve all your goals with your dog.  This program is uniquely designed for just that, teaching dog owners how to live with, train, and create the most amazing relationships possible with their dogs.  From learning how to deal with problem behaviors to being able to teach your dog to do ANYTHING you want, whenever you ask them to, this program is the opportunity for both you and your dog to reach a level you never thought possible. 

save you $$$$

Both destruction and vet bills come from a dog who doesn’t understand how to behave in your home

Unlock your training

learn how to teach your dog anything and teach them to do it anytime

improve your relationship

Learn how to be the leader and teacher your dog needs you to be for them

put your love to use!

With clear communication comes harmony.  By learning what your dog truly needs, your love and energy are put to their best use!

….After a few short sessions he had me feeling like a dog trainer honing my craft….

Josh Stern

but what about

Sending your dog to a “bootcamp” or trainer?


Unless you are dealing with a severe aggression problem, why pay upwards of $4,000+ to send your dog away for it to be rushed through a crash course of pressure and pain, come home half trained, and you still have no idea of what you should be doing with your dog?  That’s how franchise dog training companies do it.  They charge a high dollar price, promise a robotic dog in return, and you get nothing more than a 45 minute sales pitch on follow up training with them.  How does that help YOU build a relationship with your dog?  

It doesn’t.

Six months later most of what was thrown at the dog in the “bootcamp” will begin to unravel and you are powerless to do anything because you weren’t provided the real education and coaching that you needed to enjoy the rest of your life with the dog.


If you want to have the best relationship possible with your dog the time is now!

This exclusive coaching program has limited enrollment periods due to the amount of support it provides each and every student.  

Book a free planning session to find out if you are ready to finally become the only trainer your dog needs.

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