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….After a few short sessions he had me feeling like a dog trainer honing my craft….

Josh Stern

 You see those videos on Youtube of

some famous trainer and their dog.

The dog is walking around in a perfect heel

position, staring at them like they are the GREATEST thing on earth..


You think that could NEVER be you….


You think ONLY professional trainers can do that….


You’re WRONG


You can ABSOLUTELY improve your relationship with your dog and have

more CONTROL than you ever thought possible without hiring

somebody else to train your dog.


Do you want your dog to know EVERYTHING you want them to do?


Do you want to be able to UNDERSTAND everything your dog is saying?


Do you want to bring your dog EVERYWHERE with you and not worry



Do you want to be able to give your dog the FREEDOM of being loose in

the house without DESTROYING your things?


  Can you imagine being able to take your dog to the park, the beach,

camping, and have them OFF LEASH and never WORRY about them not

coming when called?  


Have you tried training before and ended up FRUSTRATED?


Does your dog seem STUBBORN and only listen when THEY want to?


Does your dog pay attention at home only to IGNORE you the moment

you go someplace interesting?


Maybe you have given up and tried to convince yourself that things are

OK the way they are…


You might tell yourself you don’t need your dog to behave the way the

PROS dogs do….


But deep down, you WANT that kind of attention and FOCUS….


You want your dog to see you as the BEST thing in their life…


You want your dog to listen to everything you say and UNDERSTAND….


You want your dog to ENJOY the freedom to go everywhere with you

and  be your partner in life…




I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars learning what is needed to get the dog you want, and the relationship you deserve so that you don’t have to!


I’ve also made ALL the common mistakes already over the years,  so YOU don’t have to make them!


I’ve spent 25+ YEARS of my life learning this stuff, sifting through the good information,  and the bad, so that YOU can do it in a fraction of the time.


Under my guidance, coaching, and instruction, you will learn everything you NEED to know, to be your dog’s trainer, as well as their best friend.






More FUN






In a customized Coaching Program you will receive personal, 1 on 1 instruction on:

  •  the basic foundations of dog behavior
  •  how to understand what your dog is thinking and saying
  •  the 3 Pillars of Dog Ownership including how to APPLY them
  •  marker training and how to teach your dog ANYTHING you want them to know
  •  how to teach the core commands place, down, recall and create reliability


You will ALSO get:


  • daily private messaging access for the duration of your course
  • video review of all the training you are doing daily with your dog
  • coaching and motivation to keep YOU in the game
  • discounts on all private coaching sessions after your course is completed




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