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So what is “online coaching”?

Let’s get the basics sorted out for you.

Before I pull out my wallet and pay someone for a service, I typically like to know what to expect from that person. I’ve been asked a lot of questions about online coaching and here’s a list of the frequently asked questions that make the most sense to share with you…


  • How will you train my dog?: I won’t train your dog.  I don’t train other people’s dogs anymore outside of the rare complete training client and I only take 1 dog at a time in my home with my family for that.  No, I won’t train your dog at all because I will be busy training you instead.  Online coaching packages are more like you taking an online college course only its interactive and live with me in a 1 on 1 setting.  Its personal and it revolves around teaching you how to be the best owner AND trainer your dog could ever need.
  • Why should I coach with you when you already offer so much value for free?: Great question! I have a few reasons why I believe it’s better to pay for training versus getting it all for free. I do offer tons of free advice in my articles, blog posts, free e books, and YouTube videos. The problems it’s scattered everywhere, just like others’ expert advice. It’s hard to compile all of it and make sense out of what you should do with it. Free information also isn’t personalized. I can’t write an article and expect that it will apply to everyone– because it doesn’t. Free advice also doesn’t hold you accountable or motivate you– I do. Here’s the reason I pay for my schooling and training: because I take it seriously. I only skim free stuff. I let it sit in my email inbox and don’t look at it for months. When I’m paying thousands of dollars for college, certifications, or other trainings… I care! I’m more likely to follow through when I pay for a service and someone is holding me accountable. That’s why it’s better for you to get a professional coach instead of doing it all on your own and wondering why it isn’t working for you.
  • How can I get a free 30 minute planning session with you?: Go click THIS LINK  and fill in your name and email address. In the subject line specify you are looking to do a free planning session.  Provide all your contact information and we can set it up.
  • Are there any special circumstances in which you will not work with a client?: Yes. 1. I do not offer any services that involve aggression rehabilitation.  That is something that requires extensive face to face observation with a local behaviorist experienced in those behaviors.  Responsible aggression management can not be fully resolved via the internet. We can however address some of the changes you can make in your own management of the situation to increase the chances of success when you bring in a face 2 face trainer.  2. If you do not speak English very well, I cannot assist.  3. If you come across very wishy-washy in your email correspondence to me and provide conflicting information to me, I will not waste your time or mine. I will not work with someone that delays sending in forms or responding to emails (up to 4 days without response). You must be certain that you are ready to make a change. 4. If you display any inappropriate behavior during a coaching session (online or in person), I will cancel our agreement.
  • What kind of inappropriate behavior will warrant a cancellation of my coaching session with you?: Intoxication is not permitted. Foul language is tolerated, but within tasteful reason. I also appreciate it when clients show up on time to sessions. When I have to wait 10-15 minutes each time for you to show up, that is disrespectful to me. I understand mistakes happen– but if it becomes a consistent issue, it will be addressed.
  • Do you have set hours of operation?: No. I try my best to work with each client’s schedule and with my own. I typically do not work during traditional business hours as that is when most people are at their jobs, but have made exceptions in the past. I have been known to coach at 5am for clients overseas, but coaching sessions typically occur somewhere between 5-10pm eastern on weekdays and all throughout the weekends.
  • How often do you check & respond to emails?: Once or twice a day. I do not sit in front of my email account awaiting your emails and I do not use my phone to reply. If you have a lot of questions, please just sign up for a consultation and we can discuss your situation more.
  • As a client, can I email you with questions?:  You can email me whenever you want, however my response time depends on several factors.  My inbox is full daily.  My Coaching Program students get first priority on daily communication as they have made a substantial financial investment in their growth, and that level of communication is reserved for them.  If we working together via individual consultations, or a basic bulk package purchase, I will address your questions in our next session.  Keep in mind, most coaches, mentors, personal trainers, nutritionists, counselors, psychiatrists, etc will not respond to client emails on a regular basis unless they are charging for EACH email and contact! For those not enrolled in my Coaching Program, or even those not planning to schedule a consultation, free advice is what my blog and youtube is for and where it will be answered so everybody else can benefit from it as well.
  • How long after contacting you should I expect my a response?: Usually about 24-72 hours, depending on schedule clashing and time-zone differences.
  • How long will the free planning session really last?: 30-45 minutes maximum (unless there are technical difficulties). We will go over your experiences, your dog, then discuss how we can work together.   We may discuss more about why you feel you need a coach and a little about your goals. I know that it’s a short amount of time to fit in everything you want to go over and to feel if we are a good fit, that’s why I suggest you get to know me and my business better through reading blog posts and following on social media FIRST!
  • During the planning session, are you going to try to convince me to work with you?: NO. My goal in the sessions is to get to know you and providing you with information about how coaching with me works. Personally, I feel that if you need to be convinced, we shouldn’t be working together. I don’t want to feel sleazy for trying to assist you on your journey and I don’t want you to feel that way either! This is why I don’t go out of my way to reach out to potential clients all of the time. If you want to make this investment in yourself and the relationship you have and want to improve upon with your dog, then no convincing should need to really take place.
  • Can we talk via phone call instead of virtually online?: I prefer virtual communications for my coaching programs over any other method because the interaction is essential.  For planning sessions though, phone is acceptable.
  • How would you describe your coaching style and personality?: First off– really get to know me from the articles/blog posts I write. Subscribe to my newsletter and get my free ebook. Follow me on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Watch my YouTube videos. These ways will make you feel better connected to me and what I am all about… Don’t just jump in! I have a Driver personality. I am very much goal-oriented and like to stick to a routine and structure. Unfortunately, this may come across as cold, distant, and possibly “unfriendly” to some people. I’m not perfect (and never will be)… I’m just like you and I treat all of my clients as equals. I am very casual in my approach. I do small talk, but overall, I tend to stick to a schedule and guide my discussion with clients so that we do not stray off-topic too much. I am strict about showing up on time and not canceling within a 24-hour time frame. I like it when clients show me as much respect as I show them. Skype sessions are conducted from my home office.
  • Is this going to be easy?: No. You need to know that it’s going to challenge you. I want the clients working with me to be proud of how hard they worked to improve themselves and do the work. I want you to feel accomplished and amazing at your growth as a dog owner. When you feel like someone else is making it really easy for you, you don’t get to experience that pride in yourself. I personally don’t want to work with dog owners who do not want to be the best owners they can be.
  • What if I purchase a package and decide after the first session that I’ve changed my mind and don’t want  coaching or I don’t like your style of coaching?: There are NO REFUNDS for any reason. You need to be 100% committed to change. This is why it is extremely important to watch my YouTube and get a feel for me. Follow me on social media,  read my blogs & articles, get the freebies I offer, purchase one of the inexpensive programs I offer, join my newsletter, and do the free planning session to figure out what exactly you need. See if your personality will fit with mine. It’s rare, but there are some people that simply are not a good fit for my coaching style and personality, or they really are not ready to transform their lives with their dogs yet.
  • Why is it so expensive?!?! : Easy answer.  I started my journey in 1994.  I have spent nearly every day since improving upon my knowledge in some way shape or form.  In addition to the countless hours spent learning, I have spent more time than I could ever count working on my ability to impart that knowledge on others.  What good is a coach who knows a lot, but can’t get that knowledge in YOUR brain?  The books I’ve bought, movies, seminars, instruction from other trainers all total a cost I doubt I will ever recoup both financially and time spent.  If that doesn’t answer this question, I doubt anything else will.
  • Why don’t you offer refunds?: Does your doctor or therapist offer a 100% money-back guarantee every time you go to see them? I bet not. This is common sense… I can’t give you a guarantee on whether you will see results or not when coaching with me because the work has to be done by YOU. I guide you in the right direction. I offer you a plan, information, insight, and hold you accountable for following through with implementing what you learn. When you schedule appointments with me, I expect you to follow through as much as you expect me to show up and help you. I find that because I do not offer refunds, clients tend to show up and do the work for themselves– they are serious about their commitment to their dog and building the best possible relationship.






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