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The Instruction Book That Should Have Come With Your Dog
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You got the dog.  Now what?  What the hell do you do? Puppy or adult, from a breeder or from a shelter, you are on your own.  Oh, yeah, you have Google, good luck with that. I wrote the book as an exercise to put some thoughts in writing.  Thoughts that came from years of helping pet dog owners deal with issues that really were very simple to solve.  Simply some nuts and bolts of what a dog is and how to have a better understanding of them. When it was done, the next question was “Now What?” I felt the information was too important to let even a single penny get in the way of somebody getting it. So it’s free. Yes. FREE. This isn’t a book on how to train your dog. This is simply the FIRST thing you should read whether you have a dog or you are even contemplating. Short. Easy to read. To the point.  

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