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Ok, so maybe this is part rant, part advice, or perhaps it’s 100% rant, and I just want to pass it off as advice…either way… it is…..

If you or somebody you know buys a puppy for somebody else, for a holiday gift, AFTER reading this post, you seriously need help, because something is wrong with you.


Dogs are living breathing creatures.  Dogs have very specific needs that last their lifetime, which can be up to 15 years.  If these needs are not met, the dog will not have a good life, nor will it’s humans.

If those three sentences don’t paint an incredibly simple justification for NOT giving a puppy a gift then you already fall into the mentally challenged category, and I suppose I will have to continue this rant in efforts to educate you.


Would you give a child as a gift?  Why not?  Ohhhhhhhh, that’s different right?  How?

Both REQUIRE large amounts of dedicated time to raise properly.  We are not talking about a fish that you leave alone and feed once in a while.  Dog require daily time, energy, and commitment to raise properly.  Those requirements don’t go away and a dog has the potential of being a part of your family for many years.  When those requirements are not met, you get a smorgasbord of undesirable behaviors including increased potential for aggression which could lead to a human getting hurt.  In MANY cases, it results in the dog being brought to a shelter and doomed to a very unpleasant fate.

Animal shelters are preparing for the post holiday rush.  They are well aware of the ignorant and inconsiderate habit of humans to buy dogs for each other as gifts.  This goes back to my frustration at the overall state of “un-education” on dogs in this country.  People simply have not been taught what a dog is, and what they require.  This is part of the reason this blog exists.


So lets talk about the seriousness of owning a dog. Ask yourself or somebody considering getting one the following questions….

Am I prepared to get up at the same time, every day, of every week, of every month, of every year, for up to 15 years?

–       Even if it’s cold?

–       Even if it’s raining?

–       Even if I’m sick?

–       Even if I was up late enjoying the company of Jim Beam and Jack and Daniel?

Am I prepared to dedicate at LEAST 90 minutes a day to directly stimulating my dog’s mind and body, every day, for up to 15 years?

–       Even if I’m tired

–       Even if I’m upset

–       Even if I have other things to do

–       Even if I simply don’t feel like it

Am I prepared to provide regular medical care, both preventative and reactionary regardless of cost or inconvenience?

–       Even if Id rather spend my money on something else


Listen, this is just a brief snippit of a much larger picture that is dog ownership.  I could go on forever, but its pointless.  Bottom line, dogs are a huge responsibility that require years of dedicated time and energy.  Why on earth would you just drop that on somebody?  That’s one heck of a burden to put on someone as a gift.  Ever heard of an Xbox or Playstation?  How about a gift certificate to a favorite store.  But to purchase something that requires so much? How is that fair not just to the dog, but to the person you are giving it to?


I’m getting a new camera this holiday.  One of the first things I am going to do with my new toy is go “undercover”.  Pet stores and flea market breeders contribute to this inconsiderate and utterly irresponsible practice of holiday puppy gifting.  I will be going into pet stores and flea markets to confront them and their deeds, as well as provide viewers with some insight to why you should not endorse these types of businesses.

If you need to get some holiday shopping done just go to Amazon.  They didn’t pay me to say that, but with me referring them as a shopping option, maybe that’s one less puppy that gets given as a gift, neglected because it really wasn’t wanted, then left in a shelter until forgotten about by society.


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