coaching for dog owners

Helping humans be their best for their dogs


You love your dog enough to want the best for them which means doing everything in your power to improve your relationship.

The only way to make progress at something and be your best is to open your mind and explore explore EXPLORE.

My students were all like you are……they loved their dogs and wanted MORE for them. Once we started our journey together, their lives with their dogs were never the same.




KD revolutionized my way of thinking when it came to training dogs. His no-nonsense approach was refreshing and necessary. Through him, I was able to realize (much to my surprise) that it was ME that needed to be trained, not my dogs. Once I was able to understand what my dogs’ needs actually were and NOT what I wanted them to be, we were able to reach a whole new exciting level of training. My dogs are well balanced and extremely well behaved, and I am able to have the relationship I always wanted with them. I cannot recommend KD enough- there is no one out there like him!

Natalia Arroyo

Now it’s time for you to join them.


My online coaching can educate you on the essential concepts that when applied, will lead you to the best relationship possible with your dog. It will be hard work, it will take time, and most importantly, it will take your dedication to doing what’s best for the dog you love so much, and putting your feelings and own needs on the side.

None of which is a problem for a real dog lover though…


Take the first step by reaching out to me and telling me you’re ready…

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unless you’re not….you’re cool with things being the way they are…..

but if that were REALLY the case, would you have even gotten so far as to read this message?


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