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They offer everything they have to us, but are we offering everything we have to them? As a dog owner you are more than a “buddy” you should be a teacher, a leader, a protector, a parent…..that means more than merely providing food and cuddles….. Treats and belly rubs don’t get you a dog who can

  • Go anywhere with you and FOCUS on YOU
  • Listen and UNDERSTAND everything you say
  • be CALM and relaxed in ANY environment
  • obey ALL your commands ALL the time
KD has extensive knowledge on behavior principles and learning processes. He provides a overall approach to behavior modification and training. I have personally worked with a dog raised and trained by KD and it showed the quality of his training. I highly recommend him! Carlos Ramirez

Owner CRK9, former Kennel Master at the Warrior Dog Foundation and Trikos International


We all start somewhere.  I began in 1994 with a dog in front of me and an old book from the library in my hand.  Over 20 years later, THOUSANDS of dollars spent, and more hours than I could ever count later, I have a system that works.  If you want it, I’ll give it to you.


I have walked the path you are on.  I know it’s challenges, it’s struggles, it’s hardships.  Dedicating my life to overcoming them, as well as learning how to teach those lessons to others, I want to coach you through the same path.

My Approach

I take my job VERY seriously.  It is my job to teach, to educate, to prepare my students for life with their dog.  That life will be challenging as life is in general.  I am not offering “dog training” services here, far from it.  I am not the contractor coming to repair your cracked wall.  I am not the doctor prescribing a pill to make your body magically be perfect. I am the one who is going to do whatever it takes to teach you how to repair your own house instead of spending your life paying somebody else to do it.  I am the one who is going to teach you how to get your body back in shape and keep it there so you never pay for a dr to keep throwing pills at you. I am the one who is going to instruct and coach you to be able to build the best possible relationship with your dog.  That is not going to be easy, and I will not allow or accept you to fail at something I know you are capable of doing.  There will be times where I tell you what you don’t want to hear, but you need to hear it.  The result will be a feeling unlike any other you could have imagined possible with your dog.  I may be hard, but I’m a highly experienced and successful teach of people of all backgrounds and ages. If you are truly committed to being the best human for your dog, I will commit to you and welcome you to my team.

"KD's training techniques and straightforward approach are awesome! He listens and has an amazing ability to relate to the human so they can become the best dog owner they can be! I am already seeing results from my recent training and look forward to working with KD in the future and continuing to redefine the relationship between me and my dog. Highly recommend!"

Marianne Komeski, NH

"I was relieved to have such an honest conversation about how to help me train our new addition to the family. KD is clearly awesome with dogs, more importantly he's also great about breaking down the information so that the every day dog owner can handle their pet properly."

April Seney, Upstate NY

"Training with KD was nothing like I expected it would be. This guy can train dogs, sure, but what stood out was his ability to train me! I didn’t feel like a pet owner working with a dog trainer. After a few short sessions he had me feeling like a dog trainer honing my craft. Ive been able to help my friends and family now with their dogs. "

Josh Stern, Bronx NY

Phone/Video Consultations

They are what they sound like. Let’s set up a time to talk on the phone or even a video chat to get you and your best friend communicating and living your best lives, TOGETHER!

Coaching Program

Joining my team means working with me privately, 1 on 1, to learn how to be your dog’s trainer.  I will be your teacher, your mentor, your coach as you learn how to train your own dog using all the secrets of the pros! **INTENSIVE SUPPORT!!**



Getting Started is Easy

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We need to discuss your situation and determine what your needs are

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We then pick a start date and go over what you will need to be ready

1st Session!

After the very first session life with your dog will be forever different! In a VERY good way!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you train my dog?

I won’t train your dog.  I don’t train other people’s dogs anymore outside of the rare complete training client and I only take 1 dog at a time in my home with my family for that.  No, I won’t train your dog at all because I will be busy training you instead.  Online coaching packages are more like you taking an online college course only its interactive and live with me in a 1 on 1 setting.  Its personal and it revolves around teaching you how to be the best owner AND trainer your dog could ever need.

Is this going to be easy?

No. You need to know that it’s going to challenge you. I want the clients working with me to be proud of how hard they worked to improve themselves and do the work. I want you to feel accomplished and amazing at your growth as a dog owner. When you feel like someone else is making it really easy for you, you don’t get to experience that pride in yourself. I personally don’t want to work with dog owners who do not want to be the best owners they can be.

Will my dog be fully trained at the end of a program?

No, that would be impossible even in person!  It takes YEARS of hard work to get a dog to anywhere near a “complete” level and even then the work continues.  At the end of the Team KD coaching program you WILL know HOW to continue the training of your dog for quite some time.

During the planning session, are you going to try to convince me to work with you?

NO. My goal in the sessions is to get to know you and providing you with information about how coaching with me works. Personally, I feel that if you need to be convinced, we shouldn’t be working together. I don’t want to feel sleazy for trying to assist you on your journey and I don’t want you to feel that way either! This is why I don’t go out of my way to reach out to potential clients all of the time. If you want to make this investment in yourself and the relationship you have and want to improve upon with your dog, then no convincing should need to really take place.

Do I need to be a computer wiz to do online coaching?

No, BUT, there are some minimum requirements.  You need to have a good, dependable internet connection.  All meetings use Zoom Online Conference software which is a free download you will need to download.  You will also need to be able to record and send me training videos almost daily.  Cell phones usually work fine for that.

How would you describe your coaching style and personality?

First off– really get to know me from the articles/blog posts I write. Subscribe to my newsletter and get my free ebook. Follow me on social media (Facebook,  Instagram). Watch my YouTube videos. These  will make you feel better connected to me and what I am all about… Don’t just jump in! I have a Driver personality. I am very much goal-oriented and like to stick to a routine and structure. I am very casual in my approach. I do small talk, but overall, I tend to stick to a schedule and guide my discussion with clients so that we do not stray off-topic too much. I am strict about showing up on time and not canceling within a 24-hour time frame. I like it when clients show me as much respect as I show them.

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