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Puppy Primer

What you do with your puppy will set the tone for the rest of their life with you.  Most issues people have with their adult dogs come from mistakes made when that dog first arrived as a puppy.

The most successful dog owners are the ones who had the clear standards and organized plans for living with their puppies and how they were going to teach them to be balanced and behaved family members.

The Puppy Primer course offerings are just that, an orientation and instructional experience designed to teach you everything you need to know for preparing for your new puppy’s arrival and/or building the best possible experience for the puppy once in your home.

First impressions are critical.  

Why make mistakes you can easily avoid by investing in the education and coaching that will help to make you a super puppy parent?



Course Objectives & Outcomes


learn the trinity

KD’s 3 Principles of Dog Ownership were created to take a ton of information and make it easy to understand and easier to apply


resolve problem behaviors

Learn how problem behaviors are created and gain the knowledge and ability to make sure they never become a problem for your puppy


relationship building

The critical time to build the best relationship possible is NOW. Learn how to become the partner your puppy needs you to be.


learn to teach your puppy anything

Receive detailed instruction on the theory and application of science based approaches to training your dog


Become your puppies most valuable resource

Learn how to build a relationship where your puppy see’s you as more important and valuable than anything else in the world!


enjoy puppydom!

They are only puppies once! You will be prepared to calmly and smoothly manage the usual headaches and turn them into fun and fulfilling learning experiences that will leave you eager for every new day with your puppy.

What Previous Clients Say

KD revolutionized my way of thinking when it came to training dogs. His no-nonsense approach was refreshing and necessary. Through him, I was able to realize (much to my surprise) that it was ME that needed to be trained, not my dogs. Once I was able to understand what my dogs’ needs actually were and NOT what I wanted them to be, we were able to reach a whole new exciting level of training. My dogs are well balanced and extremely well behaved, and I am able to have the relationship I always wanted with them. I cannot recommend KD enough- there is no one out there like him!

Natalia Arroyo

Tampa, Fl

Training with KD was nothing like I expected it would be. This guy can train dogs, sure, but what stood out was his ability to train me! I didn’t feel like a pet owner working with a dog trainer. After a few short sessions he had me feeling like a dog trainer honing my craft. Ive been able to help my friends and family now with their dogs. Thanks KD!

Josh Stern

Bronx, NY

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