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Working with KD has given me an incredible amount of understanding when it comes to my dog and his behaviors. KD is a natural teacher with a unique style of teaching. When he says “caring for your dog, not your ego” he means it. KD will tell you what you need to hear and if you follow his direction the changes that follow are phenomenal. I’m left feeling motivated, positive and refreshed after every session Charlie and I have with KD. ¬†Highly recommend him, your money is well spent.

Michelle Powers

The Prepared Puppy Course

To truly have the best possible experience with raising a happy healthy puppy your work begins long before the puppy even comes home.

Failing to plan is the same as planning to fail.

The most successful dog owners are the ones who had clear standards and organized plans for living with their puppies and how they were going to teach them to be balanced and behaved family members.

The Prepared Puppy Orientation is just that, an orientation designed to teach you everything you need to know for preparing for your puppy’s arrival and creating the best possible first impression with your canine family member.


In this course you will learn:

  • learning KD’s 3 Pillar’s Of Dog Ownership approach to dog ownership¬† – Management -> Relationship –> Obedience
  • introduction to the basics of Learning Theory/Operant Conditioning
  • establishing rules and structure
  • health and physical needs of the puppy
  • puppy proofing the home
  • tools/equipment to have
  • housebreaking options
  • the process of building a bond with your puppy
  • the proper homecoming
  • the TRUTH about “socialization”
  • do’s and dont’s
  • the Shadow Method
  • how to deal with problem behaviors like jumping, nipping, and chewing

..along with much more

Clients who have participated in the Prepared Puppy course will receive a 15% discount on subsequent training packages.

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