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Photo from their website of one helluva nice tug for a GREAT price!

*** This is a 100% UN-sponsored review.  I was not asked to do this nor was I compensated in any way for this review***


With that little disclaimer out of the way, let me tell you about a product that has both my thumbs extended to the sky.

A year ago I realized I needed to re-up a bunch of my supplies.  My first order of business was to get a bunch of new tugs.  I did my usual run through of Amazon, (which I still love) and picked up a few tugs of various sizes, materials, and dimensions.

I also took a shot on a tug from a company I had never heard of but found on Instagram.

XDream Dogs is the name of the company.  I’ve never done a product review before.  However after my experience with this company, I felt compelled to.

The Test

I work a variety of dogs in a variety of situations.  Currently with a typical tug hungry malinois at home as well as my clients.  My clients range from shelter rescued mixed breeds, to pit bulls of various breeding, to some of the finest working dutch shepherds and malinois out there.  I need a tug for ALL of them.

The tugs are used as reward items as well as engagement tools during rather intense bouts of tug.  Any tug in my hands is going to get used and abused.  The dogs are never  allowed to chew on them however, which for the folks new to “tug”, is a big no-no with this type of tool.

The items I received from Amazon came from three different vendors.  I am not going to name any of them because this is a positive review about a product and a company that I am impressed with.  It’s too easy to bash or talk smack about a company or a product. I don’t want to take anything away from the point of this article, which is to say something positive about a company and a product that deserves it.

Nothing Risked, Nothing Gained

I decided to take a shot on a random company I saw on Instagram.  Honestly, I don’t know exactly what first caught my eye about them.  Needless to say it was enough to get me to “click”.  The products they advertised appeared to be well built enough for me to give them more of my attention.

After browsing through their site I realized this is a company run by real dog people.  That means something to me.  Quickly I noticed that the owners are experienced with a respectably diverse assortment of dog breeds.  Not as clients, but hands on experience.  That impressed me.

After examining all that they offered, I decided to start on something small.  Purchasing a 12” two handled, firehose tug seemed like a safe first purchase to me.  What had me skeptical was the price.

It was CHEAP! lol

You Don’t Always Get What You Paid For

A year later, that tug has held up longer than any tug I’ve ever had.  After a few friendly chats on social media I can say this is more than just an awesome tug for an INCREDIBLE price, but it’s made by solid dog people, and it’s made in the United States.

I am now directing all my clients to get anything they need from Xdream dogs, a family run business with exceptional products for awesome prices.


I’m A Repeat Customer Now

After my first proofread of this, I laughed a bit because it sounded like a commercial.

Well, isn’t that what an un-solicited review really is?  With so many crappy products in the dog world being sold at every corner, I won’t apologize for being enthusiastic when I find a product I like.

It also helps knowing it didn’t get assembled in southeast-asia by an 8 year old with no shoes only to be re-packaged for a 300% mark-up.

If you end up buying some stuff from Xdream Dogs, don’t bother telling them I sent you. I didn’t write this review for me or them, I wrote it for you.

You’re welcome.


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