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It’s been a stressful week for our 4-legged companions.  As I am always teaching my students, energy is a key element in communicating with our dogs.  To dogs, your mood and “vibe” is broadcast like a neon sign letting them know where your head is at.  Based on my observations of those around me this week as well as what I have reluctantly witnessed on Facebook, stress was flowing like an Appalachian river in early springtime.

Dog’s are so much smarter than humans in many regards.  I have yet to see a dog willingly don a Republican collar or some Democratic inspired booties to go outside with.  The only party affiliation our dogs have is to us, their leaders in life, the filler of the food dish, the champion of chew toys, the picker of the poop.  How many dog’s nights and days were ruined this week due to overflow of political stress?  I am willing to bet A LOT.  Even those rejoicing in the victory of the ones who received their vote created some unsettling situations for their pets.  Dog’s do not respect emotion, but rather calm and consistent leadership.  I’m sure there were some anxiety based bladder leaks as family member screamed, whether in pain or pleasure, at election results.

As we bring this week to an end, hopefully emotions and energy are stabilizing.  With the weekend approaching, a perfect opportunity presents itself to plan an outdoor activity with your dog.  A trip to their favorite park or even an adventure to someplace new to explore (exploring new places always strengthens bonds between dog and owner) are perfect choices.  Either way, your dog deserves the attention, after all, they would vote for you in any election you ever ran for.


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