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I get asked all the time what products I recommend and where to get them.  All students in my Trinity Transformation coaching program are required to have all of these tools so I thought Id make it easy for anybody to get the stuff they need as quickly and easily as possible.

Am I saying these are all “the best” on the market?


But they are affordable and will get the job done, plus these are all on Amazon so they will be to your house and in your hands quickly.

Simply click on the image to order.



For all my students, online and face to face, filming of daily training at home is MANDATORY!

This is a simple and inexpensive solution to getting your training recorded with ease. The tripod comes with a cell phone attachment that you can easily fit your phone into so that you can easily capture your work with your dog in preparation for review and coaching.

Cell Phone Mount


I HIGHLY recommend you grab this quick and easy cell phone mount for your tripod. I have bought at least 10 different types over the years and put them through everyday use and this one is the easiest and most convenient. Make something like getting set up to record your training as simple and easy as possible. This will help!!

Long Line


Your dog or puppy should ALWAYS be on leash while you are working towards managing their behavior as well as training them to respond anytime, anywhere. The first step to off leash training is getting off of a 6 ft leash and moving to a “long line” like this. This is truly an essential tool that everyone should have.



Simply a MUST have for any dog owner or trainer.  The power this tool can have in your communication and teaching when working with your dog is unequaled.  Yes, this pack has a bunch of them.  TRUST me, you will need every last one as they magically disappear on the regular. 

Training Belt


You have options when it comes to how you carry your food rewards, balls, tugs, and other training supplies.  You can easily go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a $2 nail apron.  I use them all the time.  However, life is much easier when you have a better solution.  This belt is actually meant for hunting, but it’s perfect for dog training.  If you were to buy a “dog training belt” it would run you at least $50-$75.  RIDICULOUS…..this one does just fine.



I am constantly informing folks of the importance of advocating for your dog when out in public.  Having strangers randomly petting your dog or even wanting to pet and interact with your dog is NOT a good thing for a long list of reasons.  These velcro patches attach easily to a collar or harness to begin what will be a multi-stage defense against entitled and eager strangers making unwanted advances on your dog who should have their attention on YOU as the source of all attention and affection, not strangers.


A great tool for teaching your dog how to respond to leash pressure and learn the rules of being on leash.  I use these often prior to introducing a pinch collar.  They are also super handy when you don’t have a collar on your dog and you need to get them under physical control easily with one tool.


One of the single best tools for beginning your training with your puppy or adult dog.  Yeah, its a food bowl, but that’s not what we use it for!  All program students are required to have one, and I recommend them for any and all dog owners.  If you want to know how to use it I’ll be happy to teach you!


With a vast selection of e collars on the market this is the one I currently use.  Remember, this is a PRECISION tool reserved for experienced and proficient handlers who have the ability and the knowledge to use the tool properly.


With a vast selection of e collars on the market this is the one I currently use.  Remember, this is a PRECISION tool reserved for experienced and proficient handlers who have the ability and the knowledge to use the tool properly.

Ball On a String

Interacting with your dog in a fun and productive way is ESSENTIAL to maximizing your relationship.  The ball on a string is a key tool when beginning to teach your dog to “fetch”.  There are right ways and wrong ways to use it however so make sure to get with me to learn how.

Flirt pole

One of the easist and most effective ways to exercise your dog is with a flirt pole.  A stick, a string, with something enticing or “flirty” at the end, and you have yourself the best homemade gym in the world for your dog.  This item is the bulk of your flirt pole with the only thing left being what you tie at the end.  This is actually a “lunge” whip for working with horses but makes the best flirt pole you can find and is cheaper than buying a pre-built one made “for dogs”.  Be sure to ask me how to properly use this fantastic tool or if you need help finishing making it.

Bite Rag

Having the right tools to teach your puppy or dog appropriate biting behavior for application in structured play or for beginning bite work training for a future in dogsports or other working venues, is KEY. I personally LOVE this particular tool because it’s not only sturdy and made well, but it’s JUTE. Jute is simply a superior material for this type of application.

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