coaching for dog owners

Helping humans be their best for their dogs

 1-ON-1 Training



 I am now offering VIRTUAL training packages as well!  

Whether you are near me, or on another continent, we can work together to improve your relationship with your dog!

We meet online, live, and cover the material as well as review your own home training videos TOGETHER!

I have several types of programs and each is custom built for YOU

Notice I said YOU and not your dog.

I am not going to train your dog.

That’s YOUR job. 

What I am going to do is educate, teach, and coach YOU to be your dog’s trainer. 

The value in this approach priceless, as the relationship you build with your dog when you are the one doing the training is unparalleled. 

It’s time for YOU to be in control of the journey you both can enjoy!

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