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While reading through some blogs today I came across a story about a group of beagles that had been rescued from a research facility and recently reunited.  A rather heartwarming story, it got me thinking (which is always potentially dangerous) about beagles and their story here in this country and what we can learn from it.

Have you ever actually seen a beagle puppy?

We all know that puppies are cute and adorable and blah blah blah, but until you actually are in the presence of a beagle puppy you can’t really appreciate the voodoo these lil buggers can put on you.  A beagle puppy is a sight to behold, which, unfortunately has been a hindrance for the breed.

I’m constantly counseling people on the selection of what type of dog to get.  Different breeds have different purposes and the temperaments that go along with those purposes.  If you do not do your research in selecting the breed that is BEST for you then you become part of an ever growing epidemic in the country that results in dogs going to shelters and ultimately being put down.

Yeah, I went there.

Dead beagles because somebody didn’t do their homework and saw the cute puppy they had to bring home.

Shelters and rescues are overflowing with unwanted beagles purchased for their cute appeal only to be discarded because of their stubborn, loud, and independent personalities.  Beagles will bay  ( a horrific bark/howl ) endlessly, resist obedience training, and will wear your patience and carpet thin with regards to housebreaking.  These dogs are best suited for the kennel of an avid hunter who can occupy their natural gifts without repressing their inquisitive independence.

So if the beagles don’t end up dead in a shelter, they end up being scooped up by research companies who for some reason, love to use beagles in their experiments.  Forget about lab rats, these creeps go for the beagles, and you don’t even want to imagine what those dogs go through.

Enough with the guilt trip and the horror references.  What can you learn from a dead beagle? You can learn spend some time first learning about dogs and the breeds that are out there. I remember when I was getting my first dog I spent an entire year studying every breed I could gather information on.  I listed pros and cons, food and exercise needs, breed tendencies and of course, what the breed was bred to do originally.  All of these are factors that will influence the compatibility of you and your future dog.  This stuff is super important people!  Do your homework and your life with your dog will be much easier.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing the research yourself, let me know and I’ll help you or at least find somebody who can.  I don’t like the thought of dead beagles, or any other dog for that matter simply because somebody didn’t take the responsibility seriously.  Whatever I can do, I’m doing it.

Oh and if you currently own a beagle who is giving you the blues, don’t give up!  Use what came with your dog to help the situation, THEIR NOSE.  Games involving a dog’s ability to smell are the perfect activity to keep your beagle busy and mentally stimulated.  When you control what occupies your beagle, you eliminate the situational nightmare that results from the beagle choosing what occupies them as its usually a piece of furniture or a pair of overpriced shoes.  I found the following link which provides even more information on how to get started using your dog’s nose for the powers of good!


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