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Welcome!  I’m Mathew “KD” Egan and here is my opening confession………


Not even CLOSE!

I’m like most dog owners out there, I had no idea what I was getting into when I got my first dog back in 1994.  I was 15 and clueless as to what I needed to do to get that dog to listen to me.

It was a mess.

Non stop barking, digging, jumping, and lets not even talk about what leash walking was like!

A friend of the family was a professional hunting dog guide/trainer and had been drooling over my dog from day one.  He made it very clear if anything ever happened, he would gladly own my dog.

I was failing at being a good dog owner…

….and I knew it

I made one of the hardest decisions of my life.

I gave him to our family friend.

IT HURT……..but I knew it was what was best for THE DOG.

We learn best from pain it seems, and the trauma of that event put me on a lifelong mission to learn everything there is to know about dogs.

Since then I have studied the methods, theories, and hands on techniques of dog training. After years of obsessive research and practice I’ve gotten damn good at training dogs. I have worked with hunting dogs, pet dogs, dogs on their way into police service and dogs on their way out. My 9-5 jobs though were always in the field that I AM a natural at, teaching.

I have instructed, taught, and developed people of all ages in countless areas. It’s what I excel at and I love doing it. My love of dogs also was growing and after finding myself as a commercial dog trainer I was learning that the majority of my clients had really simple problems along with a track record of not understanding what previous dog trainers attempted to teach them.

So it only seemed natural for me to combine the two and start teaching people how to train their own dogs.

This was an obvious decision as I had learned that no matter how good I was at training dogs, if the owners did not understand what was going on, it was all pointless. I would take dogs in to live with me while I trained them, send them home fully trained and polished, and in a matter of months the dog was back to square one. When I would go to visit for a follow up, the dog would behave perfectly for me. I realized where my efforts needed to be focused, and it just so happened that I was even better at providing that service than I was at training the dogs themselves.

After having been doing this for quite some time now I have lost my ability to cater to stubborn and thickheaded humans and have subsequently developed a very powerful empathy for their dogs.  I vow to always have your DOG’s interests at heart and will tell you exactly what you NEED to hear to help you dog, not what you WANT to hear to help your ego.  Only in letting go of your own insecurities and accepting that you don’t know what to do to help your dog can you learn how to make that beloved canine companion of yours truly happy.

This blog isn’t about dog training, it’s about life with dogs.  It’s also about letting go of your own hangups and doing what’s best for you know who, the dog!  Some say I’m what Cesar Milan and Gordan Ramsey’s love child would be, with a sprinkle of Anthony Robbins if you catch me on a good day!

I’m still not sure how to take that!


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